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The Edumeet Conference is a space-time to share transferable experiences that allow us to rethink the future of education and the university, establishing a new contract with the world. In its first edition, Edumeet proposes to look at our reality, in search of contexts where research and innovation is generated from any field: technology, science, design, collaboration or entrepreneurship, from any formal or informal practice. We believe that many present realities mean valuable conditions for improving the future learning, and that these useful experiences can be transferable.

We propose four lines of research:

Methodology transfers.

What trends, tools and contexts anticipate the future of education? We seek for research cases, real experiences or projects that show new teaching-learning paths.

Technology transfers.

What technologies outside or inside of education can be crucial to positive change in university? Which tools and strategies may transform the online/offline experience?

Ins-/Ex-titutional transfers.

What kind of new mindset, context, and gobernance may empower University as a new emotional and innovative ecosystem?

Agenda transfers.

How is it possible to produce ecological or social impact from/to the academy? How can we build a renewed contract between the university and the world?

A conference that is more than a conference, in which we will also explore academic-experimental research formats.

The open call enables two categories: scientific articles & experiencies.

So entries will have the format of research papers or open projects. Both categories will take part in a digital+physical publication. In addition scientific articles will take part in digital proceedings to be indexed.

Open call: Abstracts, July 24th 2021. Full research & experiences, October 10th 2021.*

*For further information, navigate to Participation

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Edumeet is an initiative led by the Architectural Design Department ETSAM – UPM. The current edition of this congress is organized in collaboration with the Pontificia Javeriana Universidad de Bogotá and will take place in Madrid on November 30th, 2021.