Call for papers / experiences


The open call enables two categories: scientific articles & experiencies.

So entries will have the format of research papers or open projects. Both categories will take part in a digital+physical publication. In addition scientific articles will take part in digital proceedings to be indexed.

The peer review will take place in two phases:

Abstract deadline: July 24th, 2021.*

  • Category 1 - Papers: 500 words

*Submissions by email to file1 anon. abstract, file2 contact (& file3 extra only for cat. 2). Email subject: “abstract edumeet2021”.


.File 1. Abstract: anonymous / file name: title 3 words+abstract (doc, odt ) (for example “threewordtitle+abstract.odt”)

>> Download abstract template

.File 2: Contact info / file name: title 3 words+contact (doc, odt ) (for example “threewordtitle+contact.odt”)

>> Download contact template


Language: abstract English or/and Spanish
Style conditions: using templates provided

Only for category 2 (experiences-projects): file to attach besides file 1 and file 2: file 3. .File 3 conditions: free document (1 image: jpg or pdf <15Mb, or podcast <15Mb, or video <15Mb). File name: title 3 words+extra (jpg, pdf, mp3, mp4, etc ) (for example “threewordtitle+extra.jpg")

Full research deadline: October 10th, 2021*

  • Category 1 - Papers: 3200-4500 words
  • Category 2 - Experiences/Projects: 200 words + 1 Image/Diagram/Podcast/Video***

*(details and template to be sent by email)

All accepted contributions will be included in the digital proceedings of the conference, a publication with ISBN to be delivered to registered participants and also available online and in print.


  • April 5th - Edumeet 2021 new call opening.
  • July 24th - Deadline for abstracts.
  • August 5th - Abstract acceptance.
  • October 10th - Deadline for early-bird registration.
  • October 10th - Deadline for full papers and experiences
  • October 30th - Announcement of invitations for oral presentations.
  • November 29th - Deadline for standard registration.
  • November 30th - Celebration of the Conference. ETSAM-UPM.


*Only for papers developed by three or more researchers.

*Inscription fees only required in category 1, papers / Free inscription for category 2, experiences

Payment account: (to be confirmed)**

Concept: (to be confirmed) Edumeet Name Surname***

**We need payment confirmation (pdf) via email to
(subject: inscription name surname paper code -for example: "inscription Mary Shelley EDU_P00"-)

***We will send an invoice to every participant using the personal data provided in the previous contact form you already sent us. If you need to change any data or need a different invoice addressed to an University, research group or research coordinator, please share with us the complete info when sending the payment confirmation email.